Mesh Belt Vegetable Dryer Machine

How The mesh belt dryer work?

The material is placed on the conveyor belt, and after passing through the material equalization device on the conveyor belt, it is flattened on the mesh belt of the dryer. A material guide and a reversing device are arranged between the layers, so that the bergamot piece is fully in contact with the heat carrier: it flows out from the last layer. The heat carrier is introduced into the dryer by the fan. The wind speed and wind pressure generated by the induced draft fan make the heat carrier fully and evenly spread on the bottom of the dryer. Since the lower pressure is greater than the upper pressure, the heat carrier moves upward and passes through Each layer of mesh belt makes the material fully contact with the heat carrier to improve the drying efficiency.

The dryer is a dynamic-drying multi-layer mesh belt dryer. The mesh belt dryer through the air supply system to the air according to the material drying process requirements into the drying room.
At the same time, the material through the automatic laying device, cleaning machine, slicing machine, lifting machine into the drying room, and in the drying room along the horizontal direction to do section rotation, do “S” shaped operation, while the hot air vertically through the material, high heat transfer efficiency, so as to achieve the purpose of drying material pieces

This machine is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment applied for drying pieces strip and particles state materials with good ventilation. The machine is suitable for the materials such as dewatering vegetable, herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and others, for which the water contents are high and high drying temperature is not allowed. The machine owns the advantages, of fast drying speed, high evaporation capacity and good product quality.The dewatered & filtered cake state paste material should be made into particles or strips before drying process.

♦ Features(Why choose this type)

Air quantity, heating temperature, materials staying time and feeding speed can be adjusted in order to improve drying quality.
2.The equipment configuration is flexible. The mesh belt washing system and materials cooling system are available to use.
3. Most of the hot air is reused to realize energy saving.
4.The machine is equipped with a unique air distributor; it distributes the hot air to the dryer and ensures the quality of products is constant.
5. The heat source can use steam, thermal oil, electricity, oil, or hot air furnace.


Multi-layers Belt dryer is used in the material hard to dry and low dry speed. The equipment structure is compact. It covers a small area with easy operation, convenient maintenance and steady running. The equipment extends and promotes the heat wind circle oven which designs the dryness process with different heat wind circles as per the dryness characteristics of materials. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy industry, food, packaging. The dryer has lots of advantages as high efficiency, saving energy, easy management, larger output, constant product, and varied ability.

What is Drying Production Line Work Flow?

Deep Whole Complete Chili Drying Line Like This :

Chili drying – STEP 1

Removal impurity –  STEP 2

Stem cutting –  STEP 3

Color selection-  STEP 4

Secondary drying-  STEP 5

Dry cleaning –  STEP 6

Deep Full Complete Pepper Processing Line Like This :
Pepper drying –  STEP 1

Pepper color separating-  STEP 2

Pepper tail removing-  STEP 3

Pepper grinding-  STEP 4

Pepper packaging-  STEP 5

Above processing line can also be used for garlic, ginger, scallions and other spices processing.

Deep Full Complete Red Dates Processing Line Like This :

Automatic jujube grading –  STEP 1

Cleaning-  STEP 2

Air drying-  STEP 3

Spray cleaning-  STEP 4

Air drying-  STEP 5

Mesh belt drying-  STEP 6

Packaging   –  STEP 7