Sea Food drying machine

Applicable In Drying Sea Food Projects.

♦ Applications:

Drying kinds  of sea foods: such as Fish ,shrimp,sardine salmon,seaweed etc.

 What Is The Complete Process Of Drying ?

First step :Pretreatment  (Depends on different requirements)

Second step: Drying (Remove their inside moisture,Meanwhile keep taste and color).

Assistant :Cutter,trolley,trays or hooks etc.

♦ What is Heat Pump Dryer?

Heat Pump Dryer is a Hot Air Drying Type Dryer.
1. Driving force: Electricity

  1. Principle: Reverse Carnot principle, absorb air heat and transfer heat to the material to be dried.
  2. Advantages: A small amount of electricity is used to drive the compressor to generate a large amount of heat, which saves 4 times the energy consumption compared to the traditional .
  3. Operating system: PLC + touch screen (adjust temperature and humidity, automatic execution.)

1. Heating drying –Max drying temperature up to 75℃
2. Cooling —-Min cooling temperature low to 8℃
3. Dehumidifing —–10-50L/H

 How does dryer work?

Reverse Carnot principle, absorb air heat and transfer heat to the material to be dried.

♦ FeaturesWhy choose this type
1. Heat pump dryer running cost just as 40% of oil dryer, 50% of coal burning boiler, 30% of electric boiler;
2. During drying, the material does not craze,does not distortions, non-discolouring, never degenerate, non-oxidize, drying completely,with good Rehydration, keep nutrient content;
3. Energy saving and enironmental protection;
4. Heating drying and cooling drying, also dehumidify all in one;
5. Conventionally, materials are dried either in the field (sun drying) or using high temperature dryers (electric, gas fired, etc.). Successful outdoor drying depends upon good weather and indeterminate weather can render a product worthless. High temperature drying would damage the nutrient content and impart an unpleasant smell to the dried product.